The state government is gathering its resources to bolster its crackdown on CBD crime.


The government is gathering its resources to bolster its crackdown on city crime. It's setting up a parklands hub for indigenous Australians who can't find safe accommodation. It's crimes like these... 

I haven't said my f*** you've been in prison! And the fear they create that authorities are desperate to stop. We recognise that us alone is not the solution. So the government's setting up what it calls a safer place to gather in the western parklands 

specifically catering to indigenous Australians and remote visitors from WA and the Northern Territory. This particular cohort has not been privy to the resources to be able to establish themselves in safe accommodation at this point. 

So we are ready to stand this camp up and we will do so in the next week. It will be located at Edwards Park where there's already access to toilets and power and will help connect users with health, food and employment services. 

To offer appropriate treatment interventions to this group as needed. Let's hope this isn't just moving the problem from one part of the city being North Terrace to the parklands. The cost to taxpayers is just under half a million dollars and it's expected to run for at least the next seven months. And this will work alongside an unprecedented crackdown on CBD crime 

with police given extended powers from Tuesday to search, move on and even ban troublemakers from certain city areas. Again, it's another important piece of the policing response. The new zone will include key hotspots along North Terrace from the Convention Centre down to Adelaide Uni as well as target areas along the riverbank, festival plaza, Rundle Mall and of course the West End. 

And in a state first, the three month declaration will also cover all days of the week, most for 12 hours. It's important, it's needed and it's ongoing. 


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