Queensland's random roadside drug testing has been overhauled to target cocaine.


Queensland's random roadside drug testing has been overhauled to target cocaine. New technology has made the rollout possible with fresh fines of more than $2 ,000 for those caught out. 

Queensland, it's the sunshine state but also home to some of the deadliest roads in the nation. With the use of cocaine, one of the leading causes. So we have had last year 61 people killed as a result of crashes that involved drugs. 

But a new kit has made it possible to detect the drug during a roadside test. So for those people that are contemplating doing a line of cocaine, you need to think seriously because the next line you could be in is a random drug testing line. 

Before Friday, only Methamphetamine, MDMA and cannabis could be detected during the test. In other states, cocaine has long been on the list but it's a first for Queensland. Probably caused some accidents that people aren't aware of. 

Very concerning that these things aren't caught up earlier. Figures from the last two to three years show the number of drivers involved in a fatal crash while using cocaine have risen, while those in a serious crash have nearly doubled. 

As the state grapples with that surge, expanding the testing couldn't come sooner. With penalties set to sharply rise for road users, testing positive. Finds of more than $2 ,000 will now be imposed. 

Motorists will also run the risk of losing their licence. It will mean nothing to them because as it is they'll still drive unlicensed and look at the laws now. You're a bad boy, I'd go, off you go. 

But for those caught more than once, the threat of jail time. Keeping dangerous drivers off our roads. Samantha Cheney, 7 News. 


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