Health authorities have issued a new warning against vaping after six teenagers needed hospital treatment for nicotine poisoning.


They're the fruit flavoured e -cigarettes easy to buy almost anywhere. Do you sell vets? Now they're sending an increasing number of kids to hospital. Once again, appear to be because of exposure to high levels of nicotine. 

Sixteen's presented to South West Sydney hospitals within days of each other last month, all reporting symptoms linked to vaping, including seizures, loss of consciousness and vomiting. 

A New South Wales health investigation finding the vapes were purchased on social media apps Snapchat and contained highly addictive nicotine. Young people can access a vape within literally minutes and not only order them but have them 

delivered to their home. It's illegal to sell nicotine vapes to children. Adults need to have a prescription, but very few do. At the very least vaping can cause head spins, but it can also lead to nicotine poisoning, 

particularly in children, with parents being urged to be on the lookout for symptoms including wheezing, abdominal pain and nausea. Inspectors seizing 280 ,000 illegal vapes earlier this year with a street value of $8 .9 million, 

but millions more are slipping through. Those laws are not being enforced and to be quite honest, if you can't enforce the laws, change the laws. Taylor Aiken, 7 News. 


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