A pregnant woman suffering a life-threatening condition says she'll avoid going back to Redcliffe Hospital after waiting 20 hours in the emergency department.


Pregnant woman suffering a life -threatening condition says she'll avoid going back to Redcliffe Hospital after waiting 20 hours in the emergency department. It comes as baby Western's parents reveal another bombshell bungle by Kabucha Hospital. 

Pregnant with twins and suffering a severe form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis, this 24 -year -old doesn't want to be named but does want to sound the alarm on a hospital 

under strain, forced to wait 20 hours in the Redcliffe Emergency Department. It was quite scary being in there and it wasn't scary because of the staff I knew was in good hands but it was scary because I couldn't access the care properly. 

The disability care worker lost more than 5kg unable to eat or drink. On Wednesday she says she spent four hours on a waiting chair then another 16 hours on an ED bed because the wards were too busy. 

I played musical beds for a while because they were trying to find a place for me. Witnessing scenes like this, paramedics seen here waiting with patients at Prince Charles Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital didn't address our questions of bed block only to say patients 

with hyperemesis usually go to the surgical ward. The 24 -year -old says the hospital was clearly understaffed and she'll avoid going back. I wouldn't want to go through that again. 

The parents of Baby Weston almost lost their little boy waiting in emergency at Cabulcha. As a review into his bungled care continues they want an inquiry after more patients spoke out. 

It's why did I have to come to it going public for them to actually stand up and do their jobs properly. Brittany McDaniel's traumatic experience with her son here at Cabulcha Hospital wouldn't 

be her last. The first time mother revealing she had an ectopic pregnancy six months later, going back to the troubled facility. The emergency surgery in April didn't go to plan. She begged for another look. 

When they went in the first time one of the probes had actually hit a blood vessel in my stomach which had caused a really big blood clot. The young mother rejected compensation with a counter -offer for the trauma but says they 

still haven't heard back. And Jacqueline Robinson joins me now. Jackie, another Queensland mother, is speaking out about the state's health system. Yes, Katrina. A Cairns mother has revealed her shocking weight for reconstructive surgery 

after surviving breast cancer in 2021. Sharon Washington says it's been 614 days since her aggressive tumour was removed but it was only April this year she was given any correspondence on the plastic surgery. 

The 40 -year -old says she was told Queensland Health no longer gives out information about weight times and was directed to go to an online performance site. On that information her surgery is still overdue. The mother of three says she still 

hasn't had an initial consult, Katrina, which is expected or should be done within a year. Right, let's hope she gets some answers. Thank you, Jacqueline. 


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