A new fight is brewing over Victoria’s major projects with leaked documents revealing some eye-watering executive salaries.


The fight is brewing over Victoria's major projects with leaked documents revealing some eye -watering executive salaries. The Andrews government is defending the costs but the opposition says fat -cat wages are an insult to taxpayers. 

They're the mega projects that come with boards of executives on mega salaries. Hi, I'm Nicole Stottartt, executive general manager for Rail and Infrastructure at the Suburban Rail Loop Authority. 

A leaked pay report has revealed 16 out of 25 executives have been paid more than their recommended salary. Among them, the chief executive of Rail Projects Victoria who picked up an $814 ,000 paycheck which works out to just over $15 ,000 per week. 

The state government says it has to pay more to get the right people. Other states across the country are also doing big infrastructure build, private investment, private jobs are also being built out there. 

We've got to be able to compete. The now former executive general manager of the Suburban Rail Loop took home $680 ,000. Over the life of the project, that position would cost the taxpayer $8 .8 million. 

While the chief executive of major Rail Projects Victoria raked in over $700 ,000. You've got fat -cats being paid sometimes 11 times more than the average wage. And yet what are Victorian taxpayers getting for it? They're getting cost overruns, cost blowouts. 

There was also big money to be made on the North East link with the chief executive and chief operating officer taking home a combined $1 .2 million. The exorbitant salaries of the executives have been revealed just weeks after the Andrews government launched a plan to cut 4 ,000 public servants in a bid to save $2 billion. 

Only in this state could something as absurd as this occur. Chanel Vella, 7 News. 


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