Prince Harry is set to become the first senior British royal to give evidence in a legal trial in over 130 years


Welcome back to the show, let's take a look at what's making news around the world. Prince Harry will become the first senior British royal to give evidence in a legal trial in more than 130 years when he testifies in his lawsuit against a newspaper group. 

Let's go live to Europe correspondent Carrie Ann Greenbank in London. Carrie, the prince expected to appear in London's High Court. Good morning, good morning, Karl and Sarah. Well, the last time that a senior royal gave evidence in court like this was in 1891, now Prince Harry is set to take on one of Britain's lawyers, which is the Mirror newspaper group. 

So he will be wanting to prove that stories that were written about him over a two decade period were illegally obtained, whether that's through phone hacking, voicemail interception or the use of private investigators. 

He will be taking to the witness box to give evidence under oath. That comes at a significant personal risk for him because it opens him up to cross -⁠examination from some of Britain's best lawyers who could be asking him very challenging questions about his accounts. 

All of it in open court, which means it's all public information. But Prince Harry is adamant he wants his time in court. He believes that the British tabloids have damaged his life and he's gone so far as to say he believes they ended the life of his mother Diana. 

This is one of three court cases that he is currently fighting against the British press. 


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