A brazen burglary at a Sydney dining institution has turned into a comedy of errors.

 Grayson Robbery at a Sydney restaurant institution has turned into a comedy of errors, although the owner is not laughing. Thieves smashing their way into Baratalia in Leicat. They'd made several attempts to break into Baratalia over previous nights, finally getting in early Saturday morning. 

But the exploits of these three determined thieves was all caught on 32 security cameras. After getting into the restaurant they went on a rampage, even trying to shoulder charge an ATM. They smashed open cash registers to get the draws out before heading back out to dump the first of them into a shopping trolley. 

And here's where the plan's wheels fall off. The trolley rolls down the street, the cash register draw still inside. The thieves head back out with another load bewildered at where their hall's gone. 

Finally they spot it and race after it. Baratalia is a popular Norton Street Leicat institution, serving its Italian fare here since the 1950s. The hard work of the owners lost in a night believed to be around $5 ,000. Police are urging anyone with information on these bumbling bandits to call crime stoppers. 

Erie Meyer, 9 News. 

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