A fisher has captured his close encounter with a massive great white shark on camera just off the Gold Coast.


The Gold Coast fisherman has attracted a catch far larger than he bargained for. A massive great white shark circling Rodney Pasiti, leaving him wishing he had a bigger boat. A colourful sunrise greets Rodney Pasiti as he heads out for a morning fish. 

But soon after casting out a line he's blindsided by a great white. Oh sh**, look at the size of this shark under me. Wow. Wow, that is unbelievably big. Is that a white pointer? Holy smokes. Kilometres off Broad Beach on the Gold Coast, the gigantic predator begins to circle. 

Wow, that is a big shark. Really big. Fishermen are known to exaggerate the size of their catch, but Rodney's able to compare it next to his four and a half metre boat. Wow, look at the size of him. 

He's as big as my boat. That is amazingly big. The chance encounter lasting for 15 minutes, but even then Rodney's not 100% sure he's in the clear. The shark seems to have cruised off, I haven't seen him for a second. 

Oh no, he's right back behind me again. Hang on. There he is. Big shark, wow. Fortunately the marine predator didn't spook all the fish, with Rodney still heading home with a feed and quite a tale to tell. Cam English, 9 New


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