With New Technologiea Watching a movie in a theater may be a very different experience in the future.


From VOA learning English. This is the technology report. New technologies may change the way people watch movies in a theater. Instead of watching a film on the screen, audiences could enter the scene and watch the action on all sides. 

This is the promise of virtual reality, or VR, and 360 degree video. The idea is to make you feel like you are in the movie. Video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo already offer VR films to watch. 

People wear high priced headsets that cover their eyes and ears. There are other lower cost ways to see VR films. Many people use their smartphones placed in a special cardboard box. Then they hold it up to their eyes to watch. 

VR headsets are also being used for travel. Video watchers feel as if they are on the ground in another city without ever leaving home. A company called You Visit has films that advertise trips. It can also help people who cannot physically travel but want to experience other places. 

At the recent south by Southwest Media and Technology Conference. In Austin, Texas, companies showed other new movie technologies. Japanese NHK media demonstrated their eight K resolution 3D, or three dimensional film. 

The sound system for the film used 24 speakers. As music played around the people watching, sharply detailed images appeared to jump out of the screen. A company spokesman said the video and sound system cost $500,000. 

Theater owners will have to decide if they want to invest in these new technologies. For VOA learning English, I'm Carolyn Pursuiti. 


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