Twitter announces increased efforts to stop violent threats and terrorism on its global online platform.


From VOA learning English. This is the technology report. The social media company Twitter has shut down more than 125,000 accounts in the past eight months. Most of the accounts reportedly were connected to extremist groups that aid terrorism. 

Twitter posted a blog in which the company said it condemns the use of Twitter to support terrorism. It also said that Twitter rules clearly state that any violent threat is not permitted on the service. 

Twitter has said it only closes accounts when they are reported by other users. But it said it had increased the size of teams that receive and act on the reports. Twitter said its reaction time to reports is much faster now than it once was. 

The company said it has already seen results because of these actions. Many social media companies are taking stronger steps against extremist groups that use their websites, say Facebook is leading the way. 

Legislators have proposed forcing companies to report terrorist activity on their sites to law enforcement. Social media companies are concerned. About governmental interference in the industry. Twitter said that it has cooperated with law enforcement at the right times. 

It said that it seeks balance in enforcing its rules and supporting law enforcement with the desire of you ##ers to share their views. Seamus Hughes is deputy director of George Washington University's Program on Extremism. 

He said that many extremists have moved to smaller, less watched social media services in recent months. For VOA learning English. I'm Jonathan Evans. 


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